Who are we ?

In the late 90's, the idea of a structure capable of providing high level engineering services in electronics for the automotive industry emerged. E2-CAD was born from the desire to live better and to make people live better. E2-CAD selects its team members for their autonomy, for their ability to lead projects with high expertise requirements but not only.

E2-CAD takes into account the motivations and aspirations of each individual and adopts the same attitude with its customers, by favoring team spirit, solidarity, proximity and a sympathetic ear, which are conducive to long-lasting and ethical relationships.

E2-CAD takes on engineering challenges for which it develops the architecture and which it implements through collective creations with high added value. E2-CAD maintains complete transparency at each stage of a project, starting with the creation of the offer, until its complete realization.

E2-CAD ensures, through short decision-making circuits, a high reactivity in the making of decisions and their implementation. E2-CAD continuously performs a deep technology watch and maintains the appropriate toolset required for the deployment of complex solutions.

At its inception, E2-CAD has devoted all its resources to applications dedicated to the automotive industry. The team members now have many years of successful experiences during which the human dimension and expertise have been imposed. With this robustness and a certain ability, it is now on the field of extended mobility that E2-CAD is widely involved. E2-CAD also deals with large-scale collaborative projects.

E2-CAD benefits from the CIR, a fiscal support system for Research and Development.

A human adventure