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EVER Monaco 8 to 10 May 2019

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Welcome to the 2019 edition of EVER Monaco, which, for a period of three days, will be the scene of international meetings themed on green vehicles and renewable energy.

Since his accession, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco has committed the Principality to steady progress in the field of clean mobility. This is one thematic element in a more global policy to support sustainable development aimed at making the territory carbon neutral between now and the middle of this century.

In the field of mobility, the grant mechanisms put in place for individuals and businesses, the partnership agreements signed with manufacturers and the action taken spontaneously by public utility companies and administrations have resulted in making Monaco a pioneer in electro-mobility.

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Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 11.52.28Sustainable mobility is a key issue for all industrial manufacturers and public authorities. It affects both our lifestyles and the economy in general.

The future of sustainable mobility also depends on major changes to infrastructures, such as electrification, connectivity and driverless vehicles.

To prepare for these changes, it is essential to fully understand how new technology will be used for mobility in the future, as well as the related business models and issues surrounding social acceptability.

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Advanced Automotive Battery conference Europe

Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 18.04.27Each year, AABC Europe brings together a global audience of battery technologists and their key suppliers for a must-attend week of development trends, breakthrough technologies and predictions of the market for years to come. As more European nations and international automotive OEMs make their own commitment to vehicle electrification, we are excited to carry that momentum forward for 2019. Our program continues to expand coverage of the research and development of the chemistries and materials supporting the next generation of electric vehicle batteries, while maintaining our core focus on applied technologies needed for hybrid and electric cars and specialty vehicles. The conversation has shifted, and the industry is embracing that it is no longer a question of ifvehicle electrification will take place in Europe, but when.

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The realization that the electrification of automotive drivetrains can only develop in an evolutionary manner has ensured that internal combustion engines continue to hold the pole position in the context of low-emissions mobility. The “International Engine Congress” focuses not only on approaching the internal combustion engine comprehensively and systematically, but also on drivetrain electrification. By closely integrating passenger-car and commercial-vehicle engine technologies, the congress promotes the exchange of best practices. A dedicated series of talks addressing alternative fuels and future-ready lubricants round out the content.

The International Engine Congress provided new impetus in 2018. Emotional discussions concerning internal combustion engines were brought back to a more factual, objective level. Despite conflicts of interests, it was characterized by cooperation rather than confrontation. This establishment of trust is urgently necessary if we are to achieve greater openness to technology once again.

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