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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Intelligent Building Systems (September 25th & 26th 2013 – CNIT – Paris)

IBS 2013: From intelligent building to building interactive The intelligent building is no longer an option Faced with an ongoing requirement to improve energy efficiency , the regulatory constraints, new expectations for safety, accessibility, comfort and health or services to residents and businesses … the building has a key role to play in transforming our [...]

PSA Cluster 3008 & 5008

● Customer:  Yazaki ●Support of the customer during the RFQ phase ● Development:            – From the A prototypes to the C prototypes within 3 hardware versions         – Of the complete Software         – Management of the diversity (Europe, China, Mercosur…) ● Challenge of the project : [...]

PSA 208 Cluster

● Customer : Yazaki ● Support of the customer during the RFQ phase ● Development of  the complete Software :